EZ-LIFT Floor Scale, SS

Cleaning Made Easy…No Pit Required.


Cleaning Made Easy…No Pit Required

EZ-LIFT® floor scales help to maintain sanitation in wash down areas where scale profile needs to be kept to a minimum. Ideal for food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications. EZ-LIFT® floor scales deliver high-performance weighing for harsh environments. Heavy-duty, gas-pressurized lifting struts allow the operator to lift the load plate platform effortlessly. Cleaning can be performed quickly, and the scale can be placed back in service without re-calibration. EZ-LIFT® floor scales are available in 3′ x 3′ (914 mm x 914 mm) to 5′ x 5′ (1,524 mm x 1,524 mm) sizes and 1,000-pound, 2,500-pound, and 5,000-pound capacities.

CTS-5kg x 1g

CTS-30kg x 1g

CTS-P-HLG 30kg x 2g (with lights)

CTS-300kg x 20g